Lead generation

We help you generate leads

We create a marketing strategy that generates and nurtures qualified leads. The focus is to create a qualified lead acquisition system, leveraged on clean analytics and an integral multiplatform strategy.

We focus on the following metrics:

-Qualified leads per month

-Decrease in cost per lead

-Sales opportunities from leads

-Increase in conversion rates

Marketing should create qualified leads

Our belief is that marketing should generate results.

Whether for you that means email addresses, people on the phone, or a number of bookings; your ad budget should be reflected in a positive and quantifiable amount of results at the end of each month.

The process starts by defining the best-suited metric for your objectives, reverse engineering what we need to do in order to surpass the desired cost per result, and then executing on a multi-platform approach

We accelerate the pipeline

Increasing the outcomes in any business requires focusing on quality.

Too many agencies focus on metrics that have little significance, resulting in the lost budget, high cost per lead, and sales opportunities lost.

By focusing on quality first, your custom-made strategy ensures that you have a solid infrastructure that systematically brings new customers every month.

Improve conversion rates

The sales and follow-up processes account for more than 60% of the job in closing a client.

By creating systematic sales systems and improving your conversion rates you manage to move away from costly lead generation practices, resulting in improved closed rates, higher Lifetime values, and enriched data systems.